Why insist I do a Speed Test before calling you with a problem.

Neil Murphy

Last Update 3 tahun yang lalu

The Speed test, verifies your network and internet connection. Most people think because the internet is working on their phone or PC it must be good for their TV Box. Here is the thing. If you have a power outage regardless of how brief. All of the electronics in your home "Re-Boot". Your TV Box will reboot faster than your Modem and Router. Part of the TV Box Boot up checks for network and internet connection and if it is not there it starts in a non connected mode, which will not change until it is rebooted again with a good network and internet connection available. So if you've had a power outage during the night, your TV Box will not be connected to the internet and will not stream anything until it is Re-Booted. Running a Speed Test before Re-Booting would return the message "Check Internet Connection".

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