Why am I getting Buffering

Neil Murphy

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The nature of streaming video, a certain amount of data has to be buffered ( stored on your device ) before it can be played. Under ideal circumstances this process is done in the background and is not not seen happening except for the first few seconds when a video stream is starting. Many things can affect Buffering: Hardware, Internet, WiFi, the source of the stream, how many users are viewing the same stream. Many of these circumstances are out of our control. If you purchased an 8 Core TV Box from WFTV hardware is not likely the issue, but it could be related to software running on the box. you can try clearing the Cache on the TV Box and restarting the TV Box to see if that helps.

What to do if experiencing playback issues:

1. Force stop the app

2. Clear Cache

3. Restart your TV Box

4. Refresh DNS

5. Choose a different Stream

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